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hydroseed care

Once your lawn has been hydroseeded, the work has just begun. To turn your newly hydroseeded area into a beautiful, healthy, lush green lawn it is going to need some TLC.

Watering Instructions:
Hydroseed should be watered 3 times per day for approximately 10-20 minutes per watering cycle. 

Ideal times are early morning, late morning and late afternoon (do not water after dark).

You may adjust the watering slightly for seasonal changes at your discretion

The hydroseed needs to remain moist in order to germinate properly. The soil does not need to be constantly sopping wet. (No puddling on the new lawn)

With proper watering you will see germination start within 10 – 15 days.

There is no need to fertilize – we add a starter fertilizer to the tank. After 30 days the lawn should be fertilized again.

Keep as much traffic off the newly seeded areas for the first 6 weeks

The first mowing will need to be approximately 6 weeks after the lawn is hydroseeded
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